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  • Marita Rademeyer

    Jelly Beanz


    Marita Rademeyer is the Chairman of Jelly Beanz, a non-profit organization which works towards making mental health services available to all South African children. Marita has been practicing as a clinical psychologist for the past twenty five years, specializing in helping children and families deal with trauma and abuse.  Marita has authored training materials and academic publications, consults to government departments and NGO’s and trains mental health professionals in dealing with traumatized children. She has a special interest in working alongside children who come into conflict with the law.



    Natasha Botha

    Jelly Beanz


    Natasha has been working with children since 2006 in various supportive capacities.  She has been working in private practice at the Child Trauma Clinic in Pretoria since 2012. Natasha started volunteering at Jelly Beanz Inc in 2010 and has since been involved on various levels, including Volunteer Coordination and Supervision of the Pretoria Outreach team, organisation of fundraisers, organisation of training events, direct therapeutic services through group sessions to vulnerable youth, etc. Motto: “You did not wake up today to be mediocre.”



    Edith Kriel

    Jelly Beanz


    Edith Kriel is Executive Director of Jelly Beanz Inc., a non-profit organisation, which works towards making mental health services available to all South African children by providing hope, services and resources to help children who have experienced trauma and abuse. Edith received the dean’s award for best student in social work. She developed the Teddy Bear Clinic for Abused Children to a multi-level service (1994-2000), initiated the Child Witness Project for RAPCAN (2001-2004), and developed the Healing Project for sexually abused children in co-operation with RAPCAN. Edith is the founding member of the Child Trauma Centre in Cape Town, and Jelly Beanz Inc. She co-authored the “Voices of Hope – Healing stories for Africa’s children”, is requested to present regularly at national conferences and training for child protection and mental health professionals, as well as presenting a paper at the International Society for the Prevention of Child Abuse and Neglect conference 2012, and regularly being quoted in national media regarding child abuse issues. She regularly consults to various disciplines and organisations regarding child rights issues, and provides supervision to social workers and therapists. Outside of her therapeutic talents her strengths include her ability to influence and inspire others, to see the best in others and her sense of fun even while dealing with serious matters. Edith has been endorsed by many professionals in her knowledge of psychotherapy, family therapy, mental health, child welfare and pay therapy.